Sachet economy


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Here we’re sharing the facts and solutions of the sachet economy, the practice of buying consumer products in single-use packages, which is especially prevalent in poorer communities.  This contributes to litter problems, which in turn leads to drain blockage and flooding, as well as to air pollution when litter is burnt. So what’s to be done?

A few things, actually – financial solutions (microfinance), technological ones (bio-plastic, which is beginning to be used in high-end products) and reuse:

Picture:  Detergent sachets reused as rope. Source: Meena Kadri

Reuse – it’s bigger than papers and bottles


Reuse for efficiency and economic strength, not just for the environment. There’s no such thing as garbage. When we stop throwing resources away, we stop throwing money away. Biogas and composting can take the mountains of resources we throw away daily, and give us richer lives. Every kind of industrial waste has the potential to be recycled or reused – that’s industrial ecology.

But there’s somewhere we don’t usually go with re-use. It’s not just for physical resources – it’s also for knowledge, information, wisdom. Information can be shared and reused, and we’re using the Appropedia wiki to do that. Help build the wisdom on worm farming, and you’ll not only be turning your own kitchen waste into the next crop of food from your garden – you’ll be helping tens thousands, and potentially millions of readers do the same, when they read that article.