Connecting the Dots – Coalition meets tomorrow


You’ve seen the animated film, Coalition of the Willing? Well, the movement is growing, evolving, and and taking on challenges. The next online gathering is MovementCamp2, tomorrow (Sunday 14 November 2010). Check the details – the theme is Connecting the Dots:

Coalition Movement Camp II: Connecting the Dots

November 14, 2010, 7-11pm GMT. See start time in cities around the world

The Coalition Movement Camp series brings new players and possibilities into view and allows us to connect the dots between them. Our goal is to consolidate our collective powers and prepare for a collaborative web development project unlike anything the world has seen.

The inaugural Coalition Movement Camp took place on October 10, 2010. Participants included representatives of Appropedia, OpenKollab, Metacurrency, 350, Dadamac, CoopAgora, JAK Bank, GreenTribe, and Gaia10. For eight hours, we brainstormed ideas towards a new generation of internet platforms and collaborative strategies for the climate crisis. Details of the 10/10/10 Coalition Movement Camp can be found on the Coalition blog (,

On November 14, 2010, the conversation continues.

Why are we doing this?

• The world is warming. Satellite records show that in the past two decades, the process of warming has sped up. 2010 is on track to be the warmest year on record.
• Without drastic action, we risk temperature rises of 6°C or more by the end of this century. This would be a catastrophe.
• Yet the international community is ill-prepared, if not unwilling, to reign in carbon emissions to prevent this outcome.

We have no choice but to try a new approach.

We propose using new internet tools and a renewed commitment to interoperability and collaboration to creatively impact this situation and turn it around.

The internet is rapidly evolving from a place for sharing information to a place for collaboration and co-creation. How easy it should be, given the money, talent, and need in the world, to build an online network that enables the best people from about the world to collaborate on climate action solutions.

This is our vision. It is neither radical nor extreme. It is necessary, plain and simple.

Join us on November 14, 2010, as we continue this world-changing adventure. The venue is an open collaboration staging area: There will be sessions devoted to BetterMeans/Open Enterprise Manifesto, the Global Innovation Commons, and more. You’ll be able to upload image and video files and contribute to real time chat. There will be live interviews and webcasts, with an audio stream component for participants in low-bandwidth zones. Our facilitators will work to summarize developments and keep you up to speed.

Coalition Movement Camp II: Connecting the Dots will run from 2.00pm to 6pm EDT. International start times: 7.00pm London, 11.00am Los Angeles, 2.00pm NYC, 6.00am Sydney (Nov 15). Enlist here: (Local Start Times:

If you’d like to send a video shout out or presentation to Coalition Movement Camp participants, we welcome pre-recorded content. Please submit links to Vimeo or Youtube content by Friday November 12, 5.00pm Los Angeles time, and we’ll include suitable material on the Coalition Movement Camp blog. Submit these to: tropology at gmail dot com. Submitted content should include a summary paragraph, with links to more information.

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and join in this work, see the Coalition Portal for an orientation:

The above message is based on the linked post on the Coalition Blog, and thus licensed as

Biofuel Content Initiative

Jatropha seeds are a source of oil. (Source)

One of the practical outcome of the MovementCamp, which finished a few hours ago, formed during the post-camp online discussions. Jason Smithson (who works hard on Appropedia tech) and Darren Hill (years of experience with biofuels) agreed to join forces (cue theme music of Battle of the Planets) and work on a Biofuel Content Initiative, the first of our Content Initiatives. Darren’s been working for some time on this, but is now bringing his work and his knowledge to Appropedia.

There’s a lot of work to be done, but it will result in an extremely useful resource on biofuels – the good news, the bad news, the little known but important facts – and their relevance for tackling climate change and for international development.

If this interests you, check out that Content Initiative page – or leave a note and tell us what area you’d be interested in helping to build.

Coalition Movement Camp: Online Work Party, Sunday 10/10/10


Only a few  hours to go until the Coalition Movement Camp 10/10/10 Work Party – it runs 10 am to 10 pm EDT (that’s current NY time), i.e. 2pm to 2am GMT. GMT sometimes gets called UTC now.

This is for all of us who want a new information-action ecology, for tackling climate change, and enabling the environmental knowledge, innovation and climate action communities. (If you’re wondering who the coalition is, then see the Coalition of the Willing film – and remember that it’s evolving.)

Here in Jakarta it’s 10 pm to 10 am, so I’ll be taking a nap in the middle, and I have my caffeine sources on standby. For many of you the hours will be better than that, so sign up at and stay informed, and there’ll be more info on that page when the day arrives, with chatrooms and video links.

There are a growing number of sessions, all about collaborating on tackling climate change. There’s one on green knowledge trusts (focused on green wikis) co-facilitated by Appropedia, and there are plenty more, including:
Opening session:  Coalition Brainstorm. Be ready to think big picture!

  1. What existing sites/services perform the kinds of functions described in the film? What additional functions are required?
  2. What might be achieved by linking these sites/services (i.e. interoperability)? What are the challenges?
  3. What social/ethical protocols are required to sustain creative collaboration between different online audiences (e.g., activists, innovators, green wiki enthusiasts, and so on)?

2 hours into the meeting (4pm GMT, 12pm NY time), it’s How Cooperatives Can Save the Planet, facilitated by CoopAgora (online advocates of cooperative culture) and the JAK bank (a cooperative, interest-free, institution). Can the cooperative ideals of these sorts of organizations be used to impact the climate crisis?

3 hours in (5pm GMT, 1pm NY time): The Future of Online Activism. Joe Solomon, social media coordinator for, leads this one.

4 hours in (6pm GMT, 2pm NY time): Metacurrency – the attempt to broaden out the concept of currency beyond money, to totally refigure standing ecologies of production and exchange.

5 hours in (7pm GMT, 3pm NY time): Green Wikis Are Go! We look forward to sharing our experience and vision on building and sharing green knowledge, and hearing yours. Later in the session (probably around 8pm GMT, 4 pm NY time) we’ll also be hearing from GreenTribe, a new green directory coming online in October. Join the discussion on the future of online sustainability!

It is not too late to register a session of your own. If you’d like to do this, please email Michael Maranda (tropology at gmail) ASAP.

Can you help us build the Movement Camp?

If you’d like to help — spread the word around! Please forward this email to anyone you know who might be interested, and ask them to pass it on too! If you can think of suitable mailing lists or discussion groups, post a short summary and link to the Movement Camp sign up form. The busier and more diverse we can make this event, the more productive and exciting it will be for all of us and for our planet.