The RSS feed for the Appropedia Blog is blogs.appropedia.org/feed/ – use this with your RSS reader on your computer or on your smartphone. If you want to follow a particular tag, or comments on a particular post, just add “feed” to the end of the url, and you have the feed you want. Voila.

That should be all you need, but in case it’s not clear, here are the detailed instructions:

If you want a more specific feed and you’re willing to get slightly geeky, follow these steps:

  1. Find the page you want the feed for, e.g. by clicking one of the tag links at the bottom of a post.
  2. You might see the orange “feed” symbol –  RSS – in the right end of the address bar. Click this, and when it loads, the feed url is in the address bar. Done.  If there is no feed symbol, follow the next two steps:
  3. Look at the url in the address bar – e.g.  blogs.appropedia.org/tag/internships/ for any page tagged “internships”.
  4. Add “feed” to the end of the url, after the final slash. (There should be a single slash “/” before “feed”, from the original url.) So the feed for pages tagged “internships” is blogs.appropedia.org/tag/internships/feed. (There can be another slash at the end – it doesn’t matter.)

And there you have the exact feed that you need.

Note that:

  • If you start with an individual page or post, the feed link is for all comments on that page.
  • This doesn’t work with the search results page (when you use the search box on this site).
  • It only works on the blog, not on the wiki.

Appropedia Blogs is a WordPress site, and this guide will also work for any other WordPress site.

Wiki feeds

You can find a feed for the whole wiki (Recent Changes) or for a all of a user’s contributions – just go to the contributions page, and look for the orange button in the url bar.

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