What is sustainable fashion?


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As you well know, sustainability is the reason that Appropedia exists. This is why we are excited to serve as the Fashion Revolution Encyclopedia platform, a project led by Fashion Revolution Argentina.

We seek to turn it into a space where Latin American country teams of Fashion Revolution and new digital volunteers will contribute to developing and sharing sustainable practices for the fashion industry.

Nowadays, there are many environmental and social issues related to the fashion industry for all to see. As life rhythms have accelerated their pace, this is true also for the rhythms of purchase. We buy things that we don’t really need and throw them —even if they’re still usable after a few uses, without considering recycling or upcycling.

This has led the clothing industry to produce more garments faster and faster, and it translates into low-priced, poor-quality clothing manufactured using pollutants. The term fast-fashion has been coined to describe this model. Fortunately, a better and more sustainable approach to fashion exists, based on ethical production to reduce the following impacts:

  • Environmental (recycling, reuse, certified organic fabrics, low-polluting business processes, or with less use of water).
  • Social (transparent supply chain, short supply chain, fair wages, safe workplaces, fair trade).

Why sustainable fashion?

sustainable fashion

The fashion industry, as of today, is unsustainable. Fortunately, numerous green shoots are detected in this overall negative trend. The fashion industry has started to awaken and become aware of how devastating this current model is and the need to move towards a more sustainable one. The change is not easy, and of course, it cannot be made quickly. With effort, it is possible to reverse this trend. 

We must start by implementing measures, which are simple at the beginning and increasingly more sophisticated to evolve towards a more natural way of producing and consuming fashion.

Sustainable fashion aims to get to the roots and kindle truly significant transformations as an alternative model. It demands a trade-off between quantity and quality, a shift from the global to the local, and from consuming to making. Sustainability in fashion also goes through a change in materials and processes.

Fashion Revolution Encyclopedia

We are very excited to announce that Appropedia has signed a collaboration agreement with Fashion Revolution, a nonprofit movement that is mobilizing a community towards a more sustainable fashion industry internationally, to develop a compendium of practices to educate a global community in a sustainable and equitable fashion.

The Fashion Revolution Encyclopedia aims to serve as an open space platform between cultural agents committed to sustainable fashion, encourage reflection on current sustainability challenges, and promote more sustainable and responsible fashion industry practices. 

The Fashion Revolution Encyclopedia portal on Appropedia will support the sustainable fashion industry and the excellent management of natural resources.

To help us enrich the portal, several volunteers will be collaborating on the Fashion Revolution week that will take place from April 19 to 25.

You can be part of this revolution from the comfort of your home.

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