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The tl;dr is:

First Appropedia Jam for 2013: Sunday January 13, at 10pm GMT.

That’s daytime Sunday in the Americas, and the morning of Monday Jan 14 in Asia/Australia/NZ – see the link for some local times.

Appropedia’s monthly online meetups continue this year. They’re a chance to work together to make fantastic resources for a sustainable and poverty-free society. We’ll work on these resources together, and by making grand plans together.

This next one will be very low key as we’re coming out of the holiday period (summer holidays for some of us – we’re a global community). But the chat will be on as always, it being the second Sunday of the month. So pop in, ask questions and lend a hand.

I want to use the time to troubleshoot the wastewater articles, dream about the year ahead, and (as always) connect with people from the Appropedia community. Perhaps those things interest you, or perhaps you want to work on something different, like an article on a medical device for isolated communities, or organizing a guerrilla marketing campaign. Either way, we’d love to have your company. (We’ll also do something bigger for February, so check back in early Feb for details.)

We’re meeting on IRC. Details for joining the chat can be found on the Appropedia Jam page.

2 thoughts on “Meeting online in 2013

  1. Chris, I’m becoming quite concerned about the lack of collated information regarding low tech development sanitation (and in particular disaster sanitation). There are different groups working around the world on different approaches, but there seems to be a serious lack of anywhere to go to which explains the approaches, the science behind their effectiveness, and reasons for failure. Where the science is published, it is very specific and hard to find.

    As you know, I’ve been mumbling on about this for some years, but in my defence I have been spending the time talking to people involved in this and understanding the extent of the problem – for example, those involved in emergency WASH in Haiti told me that the vast majority of sludge was sent untreated to a landfill site. One INGO considered the risk of this being a vector for epidemics and retained their own microbiologist to ensure that the sludge was safe.

    I’ve been trying to think of a way to collate and consider as much information as is possible regarding low tech sludge treatment. It could easily spiral out of control though – what do you think as a topic for appropedia?

  2. Hi Joe – we’ve had lots of conversations since you left this comment, but in case someone else is wondering…
    This is a definite yes – this is slap bang in the middle of our core focus, our mission to enable better lives.
    Glad to now be working with you on this.

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