Technology is awesome


One. I’m in Melbourne on a train to the city as I type this, chatting with Paul (more about Paul another time) who I’ve never met, and who is  14,000 km away in Costa Rica. We’re discussing Appropedia.

Two. The Appropedia Foundation was founded in 2007 – and none of the 3 founding directors had ever met in person at that stage. I’m not recommending starting a legal entity with people you haven’t met face-to-face, but it’s worked well for us.

Three. One of the admins and significant contributors to Appropedia is truly hardcore in taking action on climate – he refuses to fly to climate conferences. He commutes by foot and bike, and points out that the “100 mile lifestyle” is far more important for the environment than the “100 mile diet”. Yet he works with a global community without flying, without even leaving town.

How awesome is modern technology?

What other amazing things could we do with technology if we decided they were important? Say, if we decided to divert a trillion dollars in fossil fuel subsidies to low carbon energy research and implementation? Because we’re currently using other kinds of technology to cause a drastic increase in greenhouse gases. But I digress.

Technology is awesome.

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