Open Source Permaculture – 1 day to go


There’s just over a day remaining for the Open Source Permaculture project, at time of writing, and around $3000 more needed to reach the target. Please consider donating if you haven’t already – this will be a real boost for permaculture. See the fundraising status box to the right.

And if you’re reading this after the deadline, there are plenty of ways you can get involved – just leave a comment here and we’ll direct you.

Now for a brief “roundup” – as in the latest news and blogs, not Roundup the chemical herbicide. We use mulch to keep weeds down ;-). Open Source Permaculture has been getting attention, appearing on Treehugger, Ecopreneurist, Inhabitat and many other sites. I want to highlight three particularly interesting links.

4 thoughts on “Open Source Permaculture – 1 day to go

  1. Great idea! Perhaps a glimpse of how we will organise ourselves in the future? Love from Norrköping, Sweden

  2. Hello, so yeah. How do I get involved? Ive been studying permaculture for a few years now, and would love to be involved with larger, educational system. Let me know what could be done.


  3. Casey, fantastic – I’ll pass your message to Sophia Novack.

    With permaculture pages on Appropedia, you’re more than welcome to dive straight in – but it’s nicer to collaborate directly and be part of the bigger strategy.

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