Biofuel Content Initiative

Jatropha seeds are a source of oil. (Source)

One of the practical outcome of the MovementCamp, which finished a few hours ago, formed during the post-camp online discussions. Jason Smithson (who works hard on Appropedia tech) and Darren Hill (years of experience with biofuels) agreed to join forces (cue theme music of Battle of the Planets) and work on a Biofuel Content Initiative, the first of our Content Initiatives. Darren’s been working for some time on this, but is now bringing his work and his knowledge to Appropedia.

There’s a lot of work to be done, but it will result in an extremely useful resource on biofuels – the good news, the bad news, the little known but important facts – and their relevance for tackling climate change and for international development.

If this interests you, check out that Content Initiative page – or leave a note and tell us what area you’d be interested in helping to build.

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  1. Hi!

    This is a follow up from a suggestion on the Facebook page for the Movement Camp, to give my contact info if I’m interested in helping out. I’m not very tech or mechanically savvy, but I love the things you’re working towards. For what it’s worth, I majored in international community development. And I’m unemployed, so I have some time that others might not have.



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