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Health is another area where we all want the best information.

I’m a little surprised that there is no active and well-developed wiki on health information. could be promising, if it grows, but it’s very quiet – only 2 edit sessions in the last 90 days. (I looked for other health wikis listed on WikiIndex, but could find no active wikis – that’s an interesting pattern, to look at another day.)

There are other wiki options in health, though. Wikipedia is teeming with information, though it often means wading through a lot of detail, as the articles are not written with a particular focus on health. wikiHow has more practically oriented articles – see their health category.

And of course see Appropedia to look for – and build – information on global public health.

3 thoughts on “Wikis for Health

  1. When I was in Africa in the 80’s “Where there is no Doctor” and “Our bodies Ourselves” were very popular and useful. See the pages I created for these on Appropedia.

    The on-line “Where there is no Doctor” needs a lot of work to convert it from a bunch of pdfs to a useful website. I think a wiki would be a good tool for that kind of editting and linkifying. We should see if they want to colloborate.

  2. Hi Joe – yes, they’re still very useful.

    Agreed about the value of having more than a bunch of PDFs. Interlinking topics on different web pages, rather than stand-alone PDF documents, are much more usable.

    The NGOs behind documents like these are likely to appreciate this, but have concerns about how their material is reused. It would be great to engage with them, and look for a way to share their work that they’re happy with. There are a bunch of people working with the OLPC Health project that we could work with as well.

    Joe, are you interested in taking a lead on this? I can support in a few ways.

  3. There are lots of smaller health-related wikis which might have more potential if they were merged into a larger project. For example, there are some good wikis on surgery and radiology but in many cases they’re edited only by one or two people. Exceptions are and which both show some recent activity from multiple editors.

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