Elements of sustainable design


Individual pages on specific design elements of a house could be a great boost to the usefulness of Appropedia in green house design. For that reason, there’s now a building elements page, with an associated  category to hold all the component elements.

The page on windows, for example, is currently a stub page with a few key ideas and links – ultimately it will outline all important factors in window design, as well as how to maximize energy-efficiency and noise insulation, and get the desired lighting.

This would include a brief summary of the pros and cons of reflective film, double glazing and thermal curtains, and links to each of those pages – all of which would go into greater depth on specific design and product choice questions.

That is, unless Appropedia editors – including you? –  find a better way of structuring this page and category.

Note: Although we have many pages on green buildings, there is currently no general overview page on Appropedia for sustainable housing (or green housing, or green house, or sustainable house). Who is going to start?

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