Sustainability Co-creation at Smack Mellon


Smack Mellon

Appropedia President, Lonny Grafman, will be available in Brooklyn, New York tomorrow, June 24th, for open co-creation on sustainability topics.

Lonny is the resident artist on the Flock House in the Smack Mellon gallery for June 23rd and 24th.  From 12 to 6pm, he will be hosting open conversations on sustainable design especially for local apartment dwellers, families, change agents and entrepreneurs.

Follow the links for more information on the exhibit and directions to 92 Plymouth Street @ Washington in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY.

Picture: View from Smack Mellon in Brooklyn, © Smack Mellon 2009

2 thoughts on “Sustainability Co-creation at Smack Mellon

  1. The event went great. Here are some highlights.

    Questions with available answers (from me and Appropedia) were about:
    -rainwater catchment
    -vertical gardens
    -reducing meat consumption
    -how to catalyze diverse communities
    -buying local
    -lawns to food
    -wave/tidal power
    -passive solar design
    -greywater treatment

    Questions that need answers:
    -Squirrel abatement from fire escape gardens
    -diaper service vs store bought diapers
    -what is the vine hanging above my head
    -is there a company that makes a solar shade adjusted for latitude and passive solar design
    -is there any organic waste collection in New York

    New ideas!
    -rooftop PV systems for renters
    -Sustainability walk/open house weekend throughout New York
    -making windpower more beautiful by using a more organic, non-orthogonal, distribution

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