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Hola! Isabell Kimbrough here! I have begun my journey and stint as Appropedia’s first travel intern.  (Follow the links for more info.)

In a nutshell, I just graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Botany and a passion for conservation and sustainable living. I saved my pennies for quite some time in order to do some traveling in South and Central America; and while I commend those who are able to travel free as a breeze, I come from a world of structure and need to feel that I am on some sort of mission as I wander. This is where Appropedia fits in. Members of the board of Appropedia had already birthed the idea of the “travel intern”, someone who would, during their travels, visit and report on successful projects for Appropedia. My internship is the trial run of this idea. I am excited and honored to have this opportunity.

I have begun my adventures and am writing from the rainforest town of Puerto Maldanado, Peru. My dearest friend Kat Fountain has been working on a conservation project in the state of Madre de Dios Peru, deep in the Amazon. It just so happened that she needed a field assistant and I just so happened to be a qualified biologist. What luck! So I joined her at the Sachavacayoc field station, a center for research, education, and ecotourism. For a week we rose before the sun and spent the day exploring and experiencing the incredible Amazon rainforest.

This Amazonian hardwood tree named “La Purma” is 500 years old!

I have learned a lot in a week, not only about the local flora and fauna but also about the situation of the people. Those working to protect and conserve this incredibly rich and biodiverse region of Peru face many threats and obstacles to conservation including (but not limited to): mining and subsequent mineral contamination in the water, logging for hardwoods, cattle farming, drilling for Petroleum, and slash and burn agriculture. The situation is, of course, very complicated and when taken as a whole, has the potential to be a little overwhelming. However, many of the conservationists and scientists I have spoken with here have a great deal of hope.

I personally find a sparkle of hope in this: There are many people and organizations whose sole (and soul) purpose is to protect this precious piece of the world. One of the biggest problems conservationists faced is the lack of communication between groups and organizations that share the same goals. Call me idealistic, but it is my belief that as infrastructure for communication improves and these groups continue to collaborate and organize, the looming problems I mentioned before are well within our power to change. As we all know, even the biggest changes happen poco a poco.

This is why I am grateful to be a part of the Appropedia community. Every page, and each connection made, is a step towards change. Perhaps some of you have heard the expression “the revolution will not be televised!” I agree. I think it is being documented in!

Till next time… Isabell

12 thoughts on “Isabell Kimbrough: First Travel Intern, First Blog

  1. Excellent, strong, clear, and noble work Isabell!!!!! Those of us like me, tethered to our homes, families, and work applaud your purposeful journey and reporting!!!! And so very, very grateful to you and Appropedia people all doing this crutial, crutial work in preserving the foundation of life itself on Earth!!!!
    Is there some way that folks can help sponser Isabell’s journey/work? … through Appropedia?
    Warmly, and sincerely,

  2. OMG!!!!! I am so proud of you. You are doing great things. Your Dad would (is) be just elated. There is no doubt in my mine that you will be one of the people to make changes for our earth. Thanks for sharing, keep us posted on your adventure.
    Love you so much, Judy

  3. How exciting! We are so proud of you and for you. Will check your blog occasionally to see what you’re up to.

  4. Hay! Liz, keep your eyes open for some different kinds of HOT PEPPER’s and send me the seed and I will plant them. Keep your eyes open for Kritters.Larry

  5. You have done yourself proud Isabell, I love getting updates about your travels. Seen any liverworts yet? 🙂 Love Bethany

  6. Isabel,
    Great work! I’m going to send my friend Mellisa a link to this page. We were Peace Corps volunteers in Bolivia. She has been doing development and International Aid work ever since. She’s currently in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
    I look forward to reading all of your posts.

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