Experiencing Joy and Power

Curtposts, English

I hope you’ll indulge me for a moment; this post is more personal than my usual content.

This past weekend, I participated in a group retreat (more details here) that I engaged in for two specific reasons.  I wanted to experience more joy in my life (which is already fantastic), and I wanted to eliminate my internal barriers to leadership that I have recognized impede my participation at Appropedia.

Well, I have good news to report!  My connection to Joy has become a vast channel, and my acceptance of my own Power is now deep and strong, where formerly it was very limited.  This blog post captures some of both for me, because I can feel the ecstasy and boldness in the content.

I want to share this joy and power with everyone in the Appropedia community, and express my appreciation to all of you for enabling Appropedia to do what it does.  Appropedia’s ability to manifest positive change in our world is clear to me, and I look forward to engaging much more fully (most visibly through more posts, but in other ways as well).

I invite you all to join me in experiencing the Joy and Power that comes from using collaboration to build rich sustainable lives.

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