Wiki security: prepared for the zombie apocalypse


When you contribute at Appropedia you want to be sure that your work is protected and will be available in coming years, regardless of server crash, unpaid bills, tech admin heart attacks or zombie apocalypse… or, to be a little more serious, whatever unexpected event may happen.

What prompts this thought is that a wiki working in a related area (one of the permaculture wikis) has disappeared without a trace and there’s no response by email from the site admin. I fear that the work that many people have put in may be lost, and sadly, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen this happen.

One of the key ways we ensure the security of your work on Appropedia is through our publicly available site dumps (see Appropedia:Current dump) which anyone can download. I keep a copy on my hard drive, which is on the opposite side of the planet from Appropedia’s server, and you’re invited to keep a copy as well.

What I’d really appreciate is if those people here with sites, blogs, facebook accounts or whatever, added a link to Appropedia and encouraged their networks to contribute to a permanent and growing permaculture knowledge base on Appropedia.

Now, what to do if you want to get a backup of a different wiki? With Wikimedia wikis, a dump is available (they’re huge, especially the Wikipedias). But if there’s no site dump available, you can go to the Special:Export page in any MediaWiki site and list pages to download. (Use Special:Allpages to get page names).

Relevant wiki pages: