Make a difference on Earth Hour


The real point of Earth Hour is not to save energy for an hour. The point is to provoke thought and action.

Some people find it hard to see the point of Earth Hour or call it tokenistic. It’s easy to see why, and if you keep your lights on during Earth Hour, no one should shame you for it. The point is to join together and go on to take action throughout the year.

So while you sit around with the lights off – or on if you prefer – ask yourself or your friends and family: how can you have a real impact? Reduce your car and plane travel? Use carbon offsets? Recycle? Lobby airlines to change their choice architecture by making carbon offset the default when purchasing a ticket? Donate to an organization that’s having a strategic impact?

How can we make a difference?

There are many options, and knowing where to focus is important. If we spend our effort on the big items, we’ll have a far, far more significant impact. Which are the big items? We need to know – for example, how effective is it to buy carbon offsets, and which offsets should we believe?

The Appropedia community helps you make informed decisions by sharing their wisdom and their research on these questions. And if you have the expertise or spent some hours trying to answer one of these questions by researching the web, then share your wisdom in a place where others can benefit and build on it. Just click edit to add to a page, or start a new page.

Having the right information enables change. Let’s enable change together.