Converting to wiki format just got easier


A very important task that the Appropedia community is taking on is converting valuable documents to wiki format, to make it part of the structured knowledge bank we’re building.

An key tool for this is wikEd, which can be used (by those with a Firefox browser) to convert formatted text to wiki markup.  And now there’s an even easier way to use it:  Just use the conversion box at Wikedbox. Paste in the formatted text, and press the “wikify” button above, which looks like this:  [w].  Voila – you now have wiki markup. Mostly it works very well, and saves a heap of time.

For more detail, see Using wikEd to convert formatted text to wiki markup.

Note that this isn’t enough to handle PDFs – we’re looking for people with access to Adobe Reader Pro who can help us with the first step (simple,  but you need the software) of converting PDF documents to HTML plus images.

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