Improved navigation


We’re working on ways to improve navigation in the wiki.

One of our challenges is that on any given topic we have many pages – howtos, project pages, designs, organization and collaboration, as well as subtopics, and more. Wikis have category pages, but they’re normally only used by hardcore wiki geeks. How do we make them friendlier? And how do we point people to browse the categories?

Here’s an early attempt. On the topic page for Permaculture is a notice that says:

Browse this topic’s subtopics, howtos, project pages, designs, organization pages and more at the Permaculture¬†category.

and on the category page is a longer notice:

Permaculture is a form of whole systems design based on the sustainability of natural systems, seeking to reproduce that sustainability in our living environment.Read more about this topic at Permaculture.

Browse this category’s subtopics, howtos, project pages, designs, organization pages and more below.

There’s more to be done, and much work to do – especially portal pages, like our Appropriate technology portal.

What do you think?

Permaculture wiki, and an update


Update: I want to apologize to everyone who’s frustrated with our broken blog feed. We’ve been given pointers on how to fix it, but since we don’t actually have a tech team (anyone like to help?)¬† I need to dig in and fix this myself, and… I haven’t got it done yet. But it’s there on the to-do list. Now onto more interesting things.

Permaculture: Plug “permaculture” and “wiki” into a search engine and you’ll get a bunch of hits. Most of them will be pretty empty – inactive, spammed or dormant sites. So what about the dream of creating a freely accessible and usable permaculture manual for the world, for rich and poor alike? It lives.

This collaborative work on a permaculture resource is happening on Appropedia, these days. This is by far the most active site for permaculture topics, as far as I can tell, and I’ve spend some hours scouring the internet. So I’ve started a page to invite collaboration: Permaculture wiki. Check it out, and since it’s a wiki your perspectives are welcomed.

Btw, tech people: if you’re a WordPress wizard and want to help, let us know. And we’re also looking for someone who can pretty up the skin on the wiki…

Humboldt Sustainable Future


Last Wednesday, I had the honor of presenting on the future of Humboldt (Northern California) Sustainability for the Humboldt Bay Center for Sustainable Living and the Redwood Coast Energy Authority. The presentation was part of a growing movement of community wide sustainability and hopes to catalyze a series of large-scale open space technology style meetings.

This clip starts a few minutes into the presentation, just after I describe that the presentation was made with the help of many local and over-the-internet colleagues. Click the info button to access the introduction (part 1).

Thanks to StreamGuys for providing excellent streaming services.