Gender in development – part 1


The Sonke Gender Justice Network in South Africa has a “Brothers for Life” campaign –  using ‘real men’ as models to start a conversation about men helping to be responsible for their partners’ and children’s health.

As workers and activists in the world of gender sometimes emphasize: ‘gender’ being not just about women.

Having lived in a heavily patriarchal society, and seen patriarchs wield power over the women in their households, I believe that having an unjust society with power imbalances makes life miserable for everyone. Women generally get a far, far worse deal – but finding ways to put these things behind us is a win for society, not just for one part of it.

Stopping spam in your Google group


Since a few email lists that I belong to have been hit by spam recently, I thought I’d post this tip here. To stop spam in your Google group, assuming you’re the manager or owner of the group:

Choose Group settings, then Access, then scroll down to:

Message moderation >>

No moderation – messages are delivered directly”

and check the box next to:


That solves the problem, in my experience.

Make sure that you promptly approve any non-spam messages. Make other trusted members of the group into admins: that way, these tasks won’t be neglected, even if you’re away from your email for a few days.

Peer to Peer University – open for business


The Peer to Peer University (P2PU) is open for enrollments now, until August 26, starting with seven 6-week courses:

The difference between P2PU and other online learning projects is that P2PU doesn’t focus on creating new course material – rather, it uses the materials that are already out there, and facilitates the learning process.

Learning will take place in small groups of 8-14 students. P2PU blurs the boundaries between students and teachers. Volunteers step forward to create course outlines and facilitate the course work. In some cases they may be experts in the field, and in others, they may rely on input and advice from others who have expert knowledge. – About P2PU

See also my interview with Stian Håklev, one of the founders of P2PU.