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A few things in this post by fairsnape struck a chord, especially:

  • Think vision not project – Keep pushing the vision and objectives – why are we doing this

Something a few of us have talked about in Appropedia is our commitment to our vision – that if someone else comes along who does it better and gets more traction, then we’re happy to throw our weight behind them, and not be attached to having things go our way.

But it’s so easy to get in the mindset that our project is the one that’s solving the world’s problems, so “the vision” equals “our project,” and everyone should therefore support us. It’s good to listen – a lot – and support good projects, expecting to learn rather than evangelize.

  • Make the message come from the community, from the children NOT the committee

Do we do this? I’m not sure – one frustration is that although there are many contributors to Appropedia, relatively few take ownership or engage with the Appropedia project, as opposed to a few pages on the wiki.  So if it isn’t the same few people doing publicity work, it doesn’t get done. That’s okay, but it’s not the community-driven ideal we’d like to see. (If you’d like to be more engaged, check out the discussion lists.)

One thought on “Community public relations

  1. These are some excellent points – it really is so important to focus on achieving a vision over being successful at a project. I also think it’s a great aim to have the message coming from the community and not a committee. I agree that this can definitely be a challenge, especially when people are reluctant to get involved!) I recently came across an article about a company that included their donors in teleconferences of sorts, which I find very intriguing as it sounds like a great way to get people involved. I’ve been looking into as a provider for this and am interested to find out more about the whole process.

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