Green wikis #3: Greenlivingpedia


Greenlivingpedia is an active green wiki – one of the few. Covering the whole range of green issues, with a particular focus on sustainable buildings and the needs of the modern, green-minded urbanite, Greenlivingpedia is a nicely laid-out site with a good collection of information.

What’s remarkable is that it’s largely the work of one passionate person,* Peter Campbell, Melbournite and (when elections come around) a candidate for the Australian Greens party. I’ve met Peter in Sydney a couple of times, and found him to be an honest, direct, no-nonsense, with no patience for greenwashing and the dumbing down of the green message for the sake of profit. In contrast, Peter is building something solid, and it”s good to see what an impressive resource can be put together by one motivated individual.

It’s surprising to see, though, that more contributors haven’t joined up. We know what that’s like – many praise wikis, but far fewer actually contribute – so the efforts of one person can really stand out.

From the time we first made contact, over two years ago, we’ve extended the offer to collaborate on one site, but Peter prefers to keep a different focus. I can appreciate the value of market segmentation, at the same time as we’d love to work more closely with Peter. So we collaborate where we can, and our conversations continue.

As wiki software improves, new kinds of collaboration will become possible. In the meantime Peter’s persistence shows what can be achieved with patient work in green open knowledge.

*To see who has been contributing to a wiki recently, see the Recent changes page or equivalent, usually linked on the left. Each page also has its own history tab – available above the page title.

This is part of the green wiki series.

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