Task tracking with Semantic MediaWiki


We’re thinking about how to support projects in Appropedia. If a team of people (students, professionals, non-profit sector workers or volunteers) is looking for a place to organize a project on community development, sustainable technology or related subject, it makes sense to do it on the one site where they can also document their work, share and get input from an active community. I.e. it’s a key feature in a .

While simple open-edit pages are very useful for organizing projects, they’re not enough to effectively handle certain tasks, such as task tracking and calendars are also essential. But it turns out that our MediaWiki can do task tracking, once we have Semantic MediaWiki installed, as shown in this slideshow:

The calendars that are central to this task tracking will be an important feature. Once we can sync them with our personal calendars (Google Calendar or elsewhere) that will be a big jump in usefulness.

Of course, plenty of other platforms have task management features. The big news here is that it’s integrated with a wiki, which is the most powerful, proven and flexible platform in existence for the collaborative creation of a knowledge resource. (Leave a comment if you think there’s another contender.)

Feedback please:

  • Have you used this? How does it compare with other task management and project management packages?
  • What other features do we need for effective project management on Appropedia?

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