3 thoughts on “The Virtues of Small Software

  1. We are enthusiastic Linux users as well. We’ve run the most stable system with Absolute Linux, it simply does not crash. And we’ve just tried out Puppy linux, looks good so far.

    I just wanted to say that I am thrilled to have found Appropedia, and am looking forward to contributing to the project. I had recently been lamenting the lack of archiving and coordination between all of the informative homesteading/small farming blogs out there. There are so many tutorials, experiments and small scale food growing projects, but there was no single place to archive this data, so it could be easily researched by the kinds of people joining the transition culture. I even poked around with the idea of starting a wiki for all of this information, because many of the tutorials or experiences are site/region specific, for example, the design for a solar dehydrator will vary greatly by region, and it seemed a wiki would be the best format to allow that kind of plurality in solutions, as well as updates in design. So you can imagine my delight to have found Appropedia.

    I am only just beginning to explore the site, and have yet to figure out how to add any date, but I know of many blogs who post up very good tutorials on a variety of frugal/low-impact home and farming skills. Would you think that there is a place for this kind of archiving at Appropedia?

    My sincere thanks for all of the work you and your team have put into getting this site off the ground. Looks great.

  2. Thanks! (on behalf of the whole team.)

    To really share knowledge effectively, we need to get the word out about using open licenses – I recommend the Creative Commons “By Attribution, Share Alike” license (not all Creative Commons licenses are compatible). Quite a few international development blogs already use open licenses (like Afrigadget.com – see the CC mark at the bottom of the sidebar on the right).

    Where are you based? I had a poke around your site, but couldn’t see.

    Let’s keep up the conversation – I have to work now (we’re starting a newsletter).

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you for the recommendation, the BA, SA license looks great. Effective access to shared knowledge is my best hope for pulling through the upcoming multiple crisies our world/society is facing.
    We are currently farming in Eastern Canada.

    We’ve been reading the Transition Handbook, and it is an excellent document. Loved the discussion on resilience. We have both had a hard time finding an appropriate word for this very concept, alternative to the concept of self-relience or sustainable. Resislience is just the word.

    Looking forward to the newsletter.

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