Next stop, West Africa!


For me, there’s always some stepping stone in the path to the future that, when I make that step, triggers excitement for me.  In this case, it was sending off for my visas to Sierra Leone, Ghana and Togo.  Did it today…Woohoo!

Why those three countries?  Why now? Glad you asked!  I’m going to Sierra Leone because I’m on the board of Village Hope, which is active there.  I’m going to Togo because I’m on the board of LeapingStone, which is active in that country.  I’m going to Ghana, well, cuz ya can’t get directly from Sierra Leone to Togo!

In answer to the “why now” question, there are two answers.  First, it’s a good time to go from the perspective of those two small NGOs, and also a good time for me personally to get a better sense of what small NGOs really need from Appropedia (yep, on the board there too).  Second, it’s a birthday gift to myself.  Which birthday?  One of those major decade birthdays.  Nuff said.

So, soon I’ll post some wiki pages and questions that readers can help with.  One of my assignments, for example, is to do a bunch of advance work related to peanut shellers (we’ll be taking a Full Belly UNS).  Find out which villages grow the most, maybe microfinance questions, when is their growing season, how do they wash them, can they store them long periods, is there a market…. Stuff like that.  Plus a bunch of other questions about earthen construction for schools and latrines.  Plus everything else.

Should be great!  Anybody been to SL, Ghana or Togo lately?  Drop a line!  Will you be there around New Year’s?  I’ll stop by and say hello!

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