Be informed through Twitter


I must apologize for the silence on this blog. We’ve all been busy – building the wiki is the priority, of course, and blogging is a conversation that we haven’t been making time for.

One reason for the silence is that I’ve been managing Appropedia’s Twitter account. There are different styles of “tweeting,” and the approach I’ve taken is to be informative, post links (not only to new Appropedia content but other great sites and blog posts) ask questions and engage in conversations with kindred spirits – but keeping chatter to a minimum. So if you’re a Twitter skeptic, and are afraid of inane comments about what we’re having for breakfast – fear not. You will be informed – so join the conversation, and follow @appropedia.

Note that Appropedia is also on, the open microblogging service. I send a lot of posts via to Twitter, but Twitter catches more of the conversations, as there are more followers on Twitter. But I use where I can do so and connect with both communities. Open source and open content give us greater freedom, and deserve our support.

I’m also doing a report on open collaborations for appropriate technology for Akvo, the Dutch water NGO that’s really taking a lead with open knowledge. Very soon there will blog posts about that, and then one day I will dig into the couple of hundred draft blog posts I have and start posting on all manner of questions about knowledge sharing to change the world.

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