Quieter wind turbines?


The Swift wind turbine developed by the Scottish company Renewable Devices was designed for quiet roof-top performance. Credit: Cascade Engineering. Green energy, like other kinds of energy, has external impacts. One is annoying your neighbors, and yourself, with a noisy wind turbine.

Before wind turbines on every house can make a serious contribution to our energy needs, we need not only an affordable design, but a quiet one. This quiet wind turbine has a ring to reduce vibration, and keeps the noise under 35dB. According to Wikipedia, 35dB is the threshold for “general annoyance”, so this should probably be seen as a step in the right direction, rather than The Answer.

Unfortunately it’s not the most affordable green change you can make to your house either – at $10,000 for a system that might reduce your bill by up to 30%, it needs to come down drastically before it becomes an attractive option.

Who will take these developments the extra steps needed, to create efficient, really quiet, cost-effective windmills?

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