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There is an enormous amount of knowledge locked up in PDF and Word documents, which could be shared on wikis such as Appropedia, if only it could be easily converted.

Take Word documents. There are a few ways to convert them, with more or less messy results. OpenOffice 2.3 and above has an export-to-MediaWiki function, but it’s broken on my machine (I’m still looking for help), and reviews I found online are not very impressive.

Perhaps more promising: The Word2Wiki macro conversions are now more complete, as footnotes can be converted. See ReadFootNotes – at the moment it’s 2 extra macros (one by a programmer friend who I badgered into writing it, and one by me). But someone with Windows and Word and a modest knowledge of Visual Basic should be able to make a single macro out of everything on that page, that hopefully will do a very good job of converting the text.

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Originally posted, by the same author, at Pablo Garuda.

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