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On Appropedia pages, I often create a separate “Interwiki links” section. I see these links as different to other external links, as you may be leaving this wiki, but you remain within the wiki ecosystem.

Recently I’ve been thinking how useful it would be to have a good search engine that covers the whole wikisphere. I know some attempts have been made, but there are no active, comprehensive efforts I’m aware of. Qwika is a great concept but is very out of date – they don’t respond to requests to add wikis, and their Wikipedia cache is at least 16 months old. Other efforts exist, but I don’t know of any that cover more than a handful of the major wikis.

My plan is to make a Google custom search engine for wiki sites, keeping the index of sites as open as possible – though it will need to be protected or semi-protected, so that it doesn’t suddenly start searching porn and dodgy pharmaceutical sites .

  • I’ll start with the wikis in Wikimedia’s interwiki map, and Appropedia’s equivalent.
  • Next step is to start separating out the gaming and fan sites from the more serious wikis, so there can be different search engines according to the type of content. I don’t want hits from Wookiepedia or Halopedia when I’m working on an Appropedia article.
  • Then see if there’s some way to get a list of the urls of all the wikis on WikiIndex.

Is anyone else working on something similar?

Originally posted, by the same author, at Pablo Garuda.

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